Sunday, March 23, 2008

Thank God for Chocolate

A.K.A., the Easter post!
Here are the eggs that Andrew and I painted up for the New Easter Egg Tradition. We haven't gotten the eggs from our friends yet as they are held up in the mail - -I was hoping to have them pictured all together in time for Easter. So these are our lonely eggs, waiting for their three nesting buddies. C'mon, mail!!!!

I had told a friend a while back that I would make her a garnet and pearl curly q necklace ages ago and I finally put it together. It's one of my favorite curly q designs because I think the fresh water pearls pair so nicely with the hand-dyed silk cord. I swear, I could have a hundred million of those silk cords and never have enough...they are so fantastic. I got them at a bead show a while ago at Marsha Neale's booth.
And because you can't just make ONE of something when you're up in the craft room (all of the tools and beads were out already and Andrew and the cat were quite content watching March Madness!), I made another necklace which I'll put in the shop. I'm really flipping out about lavender lately and I'm not sure all started when I got addicted to Margerum's (local producer, can't find a website, sadly) lavender jelly. At first I was like "hmmm....tastes like eating soap," but because I was convinced that eating lavender was super-cool, I kept at it and now it's like some latent lavender gene has been switched on in me. I bathe in it, perfume myself with it, stuff sachets with it, eat it, try desperately to grow it (which is tough to do in our climate....when I was in Portland, OR I gave serious thought to moving there just because I'd be able to grow lavender) and now I'm falling love with the color (guess what color the bedroom is going to be painted?!) It's true folks. If I were in the 2nd grade, I'd tell myself to go marry lavender...that's how much I love it.

Anyway, here's my Lavender Love Curly Q

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