Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Day in the Life of The Office

I have taken on a little part time job at the start of my summer vacation to help a friend of my mom's out. He owns a business and his one-woman billing department is out for a while with an illness. So I'm going to be taking the train into the city a few days over the next three weeks to work a 9-5 job without teenagers. Weird. Today was my first day of training. My, there's a lot to remember. Some bills go out with numbers like this, and some go out with numbers like that. This company gets a special page copied with their bill and this one gets all of their bills only sent to this one person. This salesperson wants all of his invoices to have a space here so that the customers see very clearly what job their being billed for. After about 2 hours, I realized that I had totally landed myself a job in The Office...only I'm not in Scranton and my name isn't Pam (they want me to answer the phones too, of course!)...but (for real) this company deals with lots and lots of paper...we make copies, but STILL!

So the picture of sneakers is not because I'm sporting them on my way to work a-la Jane Fonda in 9-5 (one of my favorite movies ever) but because I just bought a new pair of running shoes. A few years ago, I ran a marathon with a group called Team In Training (check it out). That's right, I said I ran a marathon. Me...the girl who got out of having to take gym class in high school because I took too many academic courses...the girl who was in ballet class when everyone else was running around chasing or whacking a ball of some sort. It was a great experience and very rewarding since money was raised for charity. Anyway, it's been a while since I got a new pair of running shoes and I'm thinking about lacing them up and actually running again. Maybe there's another marathon in me, maybe not...we'll see:)

We had a crazy, huge storm this afternoon. I had a great view from my 18th floor corner office and watched the lightning flash and the wind and rain whip around the buildings from my perched-on-a-cloud vantage point (I don't see THAT in my bio classroom!!) Andrew had the sense to get himself off the golf course and had a tough time driving home with all of the downed trees. My dad was volunteering at the farm and said that 3/4 inch hail stones were dropping so hard on the tin roof that you couldn't talk over it. And what were my little birdies doing? Getting SOAKED. So here are my wet 'n wild shots for the day...

My attempts to get a good "feed me" shot:Streeeeetch!!!! And this new angle....look at those little grumpalicious guys....

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