Sunday, June 24, 2007

The hayride to the strawberry patch. Not at all marred by the fact that Tony and Sophie were complaining the whole time about it being bumpy/itchy. Hard at work. Whenever I strawberry pick I'm a little sad that for a short while it's fun for me, but for some people in this country, it's an all-day/thankless/low-paying job (not to be a downer or anything).My loot. Also known as: Almost Ice Cream.The Oh My! strawberry shortcake and sour cream sherbet (a little melty due to low light/long photography process). Enjoyed with friends on a perfectly cool evening. Soon to be my breakfast, too... Want it? Sherbet recipe in here, shortcake was actually from a package bought along with the strawberries and the berries are just tossed with good old fashioned sugar. Whipped cream is hand whipped with a little vanilla.

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