Monday, June 18, 2007

My Next Post Will Be About Crafts...

So my crafting time this summer has been slightly impaired by this part-time job that I've taken. Even though I'm working only a few days, my weekends still feel like the kind of weekends where I have to get the errands done. But I will only be working a few weeks, and then I will finally break out the new knitting machine. I have been working on some items. I just finished a pair of fingerless gloves for my Etsy secret buddy which I must send off, and Sophie's embroidery project will be finished within the week. Otherwise, I did very well at the yard sales again this weekend. The plate above is handmade, from Vermont, for 50 cents. It's screaming to me to put some cookies on it, but we just started a heat wave, so that'll have to wait a few days. The rest of my weekend was spent gardening. Here's a lovely iris that Andrew picked out and in front of it you can see the baby's breath I planted (even though Andrew thought that it would make our garden look like a floral shop. Bah.) And just because it cracked us up, here is our pizza adventure from last night. We make our own pizza a lot and never had this happen:) It was still really good though. And this should be it for the baby birds post. This shot below was taken on Thursday. It's the last time I saw all four together. Sometime on Friday or Saturday when we were away overnight, all but one flew the coop.And here's the last guy. He's still there. His parents are feeding him less and less and chirp at him from far distances, but he's pretty happy in his roomy digs, it seems. He stands up a lot in the nest which makes me think I'll get to see him fly, but then he just sits right back down again. So now when I walk by, I don't say hello. Instead, I say something like "let's get going little birdie..." his parents look exhausted;)

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