Tuesday, June 5, 2007

First Day on the Farm

Woot woot! Today marked the official start of our CSA!! We got totally lucky and snuck into a slot at the farm. Apparently, there is a waiting list of hundreds, but I think someone messed up and sent us an acceptance email. A few weeks later we got a rejection email, but when we sent them their first notice, they were kind enough to let us stay in. I feel a little bad, but I'm SO happy to be in this CSA. It's totally community-oriented. Everyone must do at least 4 hours of work on the farm in the season. My Dad (who can do anything) is going to help with carpentry and he's an electrician, so they LOVE him. I think we'll make their error worth their while:) Anyway, the photo above shows a part of our first harvest. We also were able to go out and pick edible flowers and herbs. We checked out the chickens and just soaked in the goodness of being on a local, organic, community-minded farm. Andrew and I feasted on a beautiful salad with radishes and mushrooms tonight...all from the farm:) Summer rocks.

And because I can't get enough of them, and they are growing up so darn fast, here are some more birdie shots. Mama was pretty irked at me so these were hard to get clear because I was stressed about stressing her, but I think I captured some pretty amazing growth. Even though there were four eggs, I feel like I'm only seeing three birds...I haven't seen anyone who's been pushed out of the nest, but I'm still wondering ...scratch that...the next photo shows three gaping mouths and one quiet head to the left. Four birds!
And here's a good "feed me!" action shot that shows the bird in the back using his wings to prop him up...they definitely are a lot stronger now.And this last photo (I'm having a lot of trouble choosing which photos to show because they are all cool for one reason or another) shows that someone (hint: who has the biggest mouth?) is opening his eyes! So incredible.
The rest of my day was spent giving my last exam, writing seemingly endless comments, and playing softball with other faculty in our annual challenge to the junior class. I was always in ballet class while everyone else was doing sporty things, so it's pretty ridiculous for me to be out there swinging a bat, but I actually hit the ball a few times, and had the glory of running for someone else and getting home. Coming home? Making home? See, I don't know anything about sports...I made it to HOME BASE is the point!

Oh! And amazing surprise mail at school today. My former history teacher sent me a letter with some postcards of Christo's latest project. She has a family connection to Christo and I am IN LOVE with his work (OK, and maybe with him a little). I did this curating project in college about work that involves wrapping of one sort or another and my professors were trying to concoct a plan to get Christo to visit because I was so gaga over him. So the super-greatest-most-faboo part that made me smile all the way down the hall is that she had Christo sign one of the postcards. What a good day.

Oh! And I almost forgot: Mailorder came yesterday! Oh, how I love the big, red envelope:)

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