Monday, June 25, 2007

Crafters, Start Your Engines...

Oh, happy day! Never did I think that I'd be happy to be told to not come back to work. But since I've taken this part-time office job as a favor to a friend of my mom's, I've been seriously looking forward to getting to start my summer vacation in earnest. And, as if by magic, it happened today. The woman I was covering for is coming back soon, and the temp that I replaced wants more hours and she can have 'em! And, as if to herald the beginning of my long summer crafting days, what was in my mailbox when I arrived home, but Amy Karol's sewing book!! Oh, Amy, how did you ever KNOW that I wanted to make cafe curtains? Oh boy, oh boy! Where to start in my crafting adventures? Finish embroidery project? Dive into something from Amy's book? Figure out how to bind off first practice knitting that's been sitting on the new machine for days? So much crafting to do and SO MUCH time to do it in! WAHOO!!

On a mellower note, here are some photos from my mom's company picnic. She works for a
gihuge-ic corporation that lets all of it's employees go to the zoo for free. I get excited over a $10 holiday gift certificate to Barnes and Noble from my work, but whatever. I'm making this quick because Amy's book is calling to me...

The Impala fountain with a lovely rainbow:

One of our elephants which will soon be leaving us. Due to inadequate funding, a large enough space couldn't be made for our elephants. It's sad to see them go since they were such a fundamental part of the Philadelphia Zoo, but if there is any argument for why animals shouldn't be locked up in zoos, the elephant is the champion cause, I think.
My first glimpse at the newish Big Cat Falls. Holy cow, you can get close to those cats. I had some pretty amazing lion encounters, but this cutie sitting in a tree made my day:And to visually illustrate how close you can get to these cats (and how bald my Dad is):By the time evening was falling, most animals were bunking down for the night. I didn't even get to see my most favorite zoo animal (the Giant River Otter, of course) because they were all tucked in. Here's a red panda that I caught snoozing in his tree:And in case you didn't realize how much work the zoo does to preserve endangered species:

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