Sunday, June 10, 2007

Williams Sonoma Marshmallows Do Not Melt!

Seriously. Andrew and I had big plans this evening to make rice crispy treats. We got some "crispy rice" cereal at Whole Foods and remembered we had some fancy-shmancy WS marshmallows (vanilla and chocolate flavored, of course) so we cooked 'em up. Only, the marshmallows did NOT want to melt. First they browned a little, then with copious amounts of stirring (so much that we kept switching off on the task because it was pretty tiring) they turned into a giant, gummy, pulsating mass. It appeared that they were never going to really melt, so we finally gave up and threw the rice crispies in. We had used half chocolate, half vanilla marshmallows and in the end they were quite yum. The sugar caramelized just a wee bit so the flavor was wonderful and they were nice and chewy.

So, we can call this the post of a thousand photos. I went yard sale hopping with my mom and her friend, Debbie, yesterday. Debbie, it turns out is a professional yard sale-er. Well, maybe not professional, but she's pretty darn close. We arrived at her house around 8 am and hopped into her car. My mom, the "navigator" was handed a few pages of printouts detailing 8-10 different locations, directions, and an order in which we were to proceed. It was a fabulously intense yard sale experience. One place took us to this creepy gated community where all of the houses looked the same and people had matching trash cans. The entire community decided that this was their yard sale day, so it was like trick-or-treating for adults...just wandering from one yard to another. So here are the spoils of the day for me:

A brass teapot with ceramic handles:
7 pretty vintage handkerchiefs with sweet trim detail:
A handmade quilted square with lovely little french knots that will go perfectly in our orange dining room:Here's a detail 'cuz you have to see it close up to get it...
A little birdie tile from Mexico:
A sweet apple mobile...this is just a detail of it: And not photographed...a big hoop for hand quilting, an embroidery flower design book, a length of bobble fringe, a big roll of craft paper for bulletin boards (but I'm going to use it to cover the table when I do messy crafts), a wool Santa-Fe type area rug (like a BIG area rug, not a door mat!), and a trio of cool pots for planting with chinese-style decorations on them. Oh! And one of those low beach chairs that Andrew and I can fight over when we go to Maine this summer. Un-flippin'-believable....all for under 30 bucks. Yippie-skippy!

And why would I end a post without a shot of my birdies. I decided today that I am really going to miss them when they're gone. They are starting to peep now and I can see their little beaks peeking over the edge without having to get on the ladder. Here they are this morning...
And then later in the afternoon - - they must have all made a group decision to turn and face the other direction:)

Peep, peep!


nikki/WhiMSy love said...

I have LOVED reading about your little birdies! Amazing! And what a fun thing!! I was thinking, too, that you will miss them...

Ruby Rose said...

I love your blog. My sister is a "professional" yard saler too! :) We have the most fun. And I have a cardinal bird nest in my climbing rose bush. They are so cute. Enjoy while you can!

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